Episode 4: Death(less)

In this episode, Ivan Tsarevich faces the dire consequences of his own careless behavior and meets the main enemy.

Morevna Episode 4 uses following sounds from FreeSound.org:

“Cardoor, open-close.wav” by Ryding
“demolition 2016-08-01” by aesqe
“Car Start” by Calcuttan
“car engine revving up to 7000 rpm (Rover 216 GSi).aif”, “jackhammer.wav” by Tomlija
“Woosh Podracer or Futuristic Dragster Pass By” by Euphrosyyn
“Rocket Shots” by Audionautics
“320d_2.wav” by pempi
“wind in the grass small town” by strangy
“Footsteps, Stones, A.wav”, “Door, Wooden, Close, A (H1).wav”, “Door, Front, Opening, A.wav” by InspectorJ
“Car Engine Start Up And Driving ” by Syphon64
“RUNNING 1.wav” by vmgraw
“Car Breaking Skid 01.wav” by Medartimus
“gravel road” by seth-m
“heartbeats.aif” by patobottos
“Low Metal Hit 2.wav”, “Low Metal Hit 1.wav”, “Low Metal Hit 3.wav” by sunnyflower
“Stick-Swoosh Whoosh ” by Hitrison
“scary-creaking-knocking-wood.wav” by MinigunFiend
“shotgun sounds” by lensflare8642
“Breaking Glass ” by ngruber
“defibrillator.wav” by reg7783
“ANI Big Pipe Hit” by ani_music
“Rocket stereo.wav” by sophiehall3535
“Night Crickets Back Porch.aiff” by hdfreema
“car door slam” by theshaggyfreak
“Explosion with Debris.wav” by FxKid2
“robot step short medium-heavy.wav” by keemocore
“footsteps_dress_shoes_01.aif” by tim.kahn
“RockFall1b.wav” by AlanCat
“Angle grinder – Hilti 230mm – Cutting steel” by ldezem
“piano.WAV” by aumguy
“Robot walk” by JarAxe
“rain_on_car_roof.flac” by 833-45
“PassingCars02.wav”, “PassingDieselCar.wav” by Pingel
“Helicopter/ Engine Noise Sound Effect” by Mattc90
“Truck Driving” by jberkuta14
“Cloth Flaps” by Sauron974
“engine start BMW 320 VG91.wav” by joanfelipsound
“scream_spear_submarine2.aiff” by thanvannispen
“CarDrifting.wav” by DeMarkracy
“owl.wav” by Anthousai
“large.cave.acclivity_Drip1.mix.wav” by dobroide
“lightning.mp3” by Taira Komori
“Scary Hits & Risers 001”, “Shock Cluster Hit (120 BPM).wav” by Xinematix
“Dinosaur Footsteps-01.wav” by jamesrodavidson
“Heavy Rain” by lebaston100
“Incar Speeding 2” by HarryPeeks
“rbh thunder storm.wav” by RHumphries
“Fire Magic Spell Sound Effect”, “Heart Failure” by qubodup
“fire2.wav” by tc630
“rain_medium_thunders.aif” by loopbasedmusic
“Robotic footstep” by Tristan_Lohengrin
“floor_tom.wav” by westernsynthetics
“Sci-fi sound effects (52).wav”, “Science fiction effect 8.wav”, “Science fiction effect 17.wav”, “Swoosh.wav”, “Stinger 3.wav”, “Futuristic organic effect (18).wav”, “Science fiction effect 7.wav” by AudioPapkin
“Aggressive Clatter 02” by leonelmail
“Hammer.aif” by olliehahn12
“Car_Hood-Open_metalic-hollow-springy.aif” by nmscher
“Ambulance siren” by stereobrother
“Water_Drops.wav” by kMoon
“CinematicBoom_Re-created_Rhapsodize.wav” by rhapsodize
“Multiple Interior Explosions Grenade Toss Debris.mp3” by DudeAwesome
“Truck Rattle FF657.aif” by martinimeniscus
“Whoosh.wav” by crackles04
“Tires Squeaking.aif” by RutgerMuller
“33.wav” by y89312
“Whoosh.wav” by ztrees1
“Chainsaw.wav”, “Chainsaw Start.wav” by esperri
“Deutz-Tractor-Engine-1972.wav” by Erdie
“Explosion” by Iwiploppenisse
“Usherfalls.wav” by spiehler
“Body_impact_wood.aiff” by MaxDemianAGL
“COPLAND DRUM 01.wav” by sandyrb
“Night cricket ambience.wav” by Abinash87
“Electronic_Powerup.wav” by StephenSaldanha
“Ambulance Siren” by LanDub
“rain from a car.WAV” by inchadney
“swoosh_02.wav” by TheSoundcatcher
“Designed Fire – Impacts – Complex” by GregorQuendel
“cinderblockmove.wav” by j1987
“Door slam 1.wav” by bennstir
“Car Acceleration Inside Car.wav” by alexftw123
“Body falling to floor 7” by JakLocke
“swoosh47.wav” by kwahmah_02
“Drop_Metallic_Rod.wav” by mickyman5000
“lens zooming in and out.wav” by Snapper4298
“CarEngine.wav” by prometheus888

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