Episode 4: Death(Less)

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“Morevna” is a open-source anime series, based on traditional Russian fairy-tale and created with free software. In this episode, Ivan Tsarevich faces the dire consequences of his own careless behavior and meets his main enemy.

Made with free software






Video editing / FX




This work is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 license. You are free to  share (copy and redistribute) and adapt (remix, transform) this work for any purpose, even commercially as long as you comply to licensing terms.



All sources are available for download and modification under the same license, as the work itself – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.

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In the Dub Pack you will get all audio separated into tracks, so you can easily edit/replace any part of it. Use this to create a dubbed version in your native language or do any other sound-related modifications – alternative music, sound effects, etc.

Full Sources

All source animation files are available for download, so you can use them for learning or re-use in your own works.

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Written and directed by
Konstantin Dmitriev

Lead artist
Anastasia Mayzhegisheva

Konstantin Dmitriev
Nikolai Mamashev
Anastasia Mayzhegisheva

Anastasia Mayzhegisheva
Nikolai Mamashev

Anastasia Mayzhegisheva
Nikolai Mamashev
Konstantin Dmitriev
Stas Kholodilin
Anna Aleynikova

Nikolai Mamashev

Konstantin Dmitriev
Anastasia Mayzhegisheva
Stas Kholodilin

Software engineers
Ivan Makhonin
Konstantin Dmitriev

Stas Kholodilin

Special thanks Artyom Konoplin Alexander Kudryashov Tamara Khudyakova Anastasia Popova Ksenia Danilevskaya Alexandra Zhbanova


Special thanks
Artyom Konoplin
Alexander Kudryashov
Tamara Khudyakova
Anastasia Popova
Ksenia Danilevskaya
Alexandra Zhbanova
Viktoria Popova
Darya Irkitova

Ivan Tsarevich – Duffy Weber
Marya Morevna – Jessica Jacobs
Koschei – Duffy Weber
Guy In Black – Duffy Weber
Biker – Duffy Weber
Wanderers – Duffy Weber

Sound design
Konstantin Dmitriev
Alexander Filchenko

Sound mix
Alexander Filchenko

Sponsored by

Alexander Ross ★ Connor Deptuck ★ Getasfar Productions ★ Jared Sloane (Revouchers)★KaiTen ★ Kolan Sh ★ Konstantin Kitmanov ★ Laboratorio Bambara ★ Marc Bessiers ★ Michael Sinitsyn ★ Nataly Novak Nikita Zuev aka nikitazu ★ Oleg Shchepetinshchikov ★ Peter Syrtchenkov ★ Sam Tuke ★ Touhoppai ★ Terry Hancock ★ ZeMarmot project / LILA★Андрей Бодяжин ★ И.В. Степанов ★ Иван Ларин ★ Сергей Дорогань


In association with


Sound FX

Morevna Episode 4 uses following sounds from

“Cardoor, open-close.wav” by Ryding
“demolition 2016-08-01” by aesqe
“Car Start” by Calcuttan
“car engine revving up to 7000 rpm (Rover 216 GSi).aif”, “jackhammer.wav” by Tomlija
“Woosh Podracer or Futuristic Dragster Pass By” by Euphrosyyn
“Rocket Shots” by Audionautics
“320d_2.wav” by pempi
“wind in the grass small town” by strangy
“Footsteps, Stones, A.wav”, “Door, Wooden, Close, A (H1).wav”, “Door, Front, Opening, A.wav” by InspectorJ
“Car Engine Start Up And Driving ” by Syphon64
“RUNNING 1.wav” by vmgraw
“Car Breaking Skid 01.wav” by Medartimus
“gravel road” by seth-m
“heartbeats.aif” by patobottos
“Low Metal Hit 2.wav”, “Low Metal Hit 1.wav”, “Low Metal Hit 3.wav” by sunnyflower
“Stick-Swoosh Whoosh ” by Hitrison
“scary-creaking-knocking-wood.wav” by MinigunFiend
“shotgun sounds” by lensflare8642
“Breaking Glass ” by ngruber
“defibrillator.wav” by reg7783
“ANI Big Pipe Hit” by ani_music
“Rocket stereo.wav” by sophiehall3535
“Night Crickets Back Porch.aiff” by hdfreema
“car door slam” by theshaggyfreak
“Explosion with Debris.wav” by FxKid2
“robot step short medium-heavy.wav” by keemocore
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“Angle grinder – Hilti 230mm – Cutting steel” by ldezem
“piano.WAV” by aumguy

“Robot walk” by JarAxe
“rain_on_car_roof.flac” by 833-45
“PassingCars02.wav”, “PassingDieselCar.wav” by Pingel
“Helicopter/ Engine Noise Sound Effect” by Mattc90
“Truck Driving” by jberkuta14
“Cloth Flaps” by Sauron974
“engine start BMW 320 VG91.wav” by joanfelipsound
“scream_spear_submarine2.aiff” by thanvannispen
“CarDrifting.wav” by DeMarkracy
“owl.wav” by Anthousai
“large.cave.acclivity_Drip1.mix.wav” by dobroide
“lightning.mp3” by Taira Komori
“Scary Hits & Risers 001”, “Shock Cluster Hit (120 BPM).wav” by Xinematix
“Dinosaur Footsteps-01.wav” by jamesrodavidson
“Heavy Rain” by lebaston100
“Incar Speeding 2” by HarryPeeks
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“Fire Magic Spell Sound Effect”, “Heart Failure” by qubodup
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“Robotic footstep” by Tristan_Lohengrin
“floor_tom.wav” by westernsynthetics
“Sci-fi sound effects (52).wav”, “Science fiction effect 8.wav”, “Science fiction effect 17.wav”, “Swoosh.wav”, “Stinger 3.wav”, “Futuristic organic effect (18).wav”, “Science fiction effect 7.wav” by AudioPapkin
“Aggressive Clatter 02” by leonelmail


“Hammer.aif” by olliehahn12
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“Multiple Interior Explosions Grenade Toss Debris.mp3” by DudeAwesome
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“lens zooming in and out.wav” by Snapper4298
“CarEngine.wav” by prometheus888

All other sound effects provided by Strategic Music (

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