This page contains linux software used in production by Morevna Project. If you want to work with production tree, then the most easy way to get appropriate versions of required software is to grab and install packages from here.

Packages provided here are built with most dependent libraries included and suitable for most recent linux distributions. Though, we’re unable to provide security updates for all libraries included, so use at your own risk. If you already have Synfig Studio or Blender installed in your linux system, please remove them before installing those packages.

Synfig Studio

“Synfig Studio” is a powerful, industrial-strength vector-based open-source 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation.





“Blender” is the free open source 3D content creation suite. It is also have simple, but very powerfull Video Sequence Editor.





“Pencil” is an animation/drawing software. It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics.


Documentation: UserManual


NOTE: You need Qt >= 4.6.0 installed to run Pencil.


“Remake” is open-source solution used in animation production to maintain sources of animation footage. It consist of two parts – template of animation project and a tool for rendering (and re-rendering) sources in a smart way.





“Papagayo” is a lip-syncing program designed to line up phonemes (mouth shapes) with the actual recorded sound of actors speaking.



NOTE: You need wxPython and pyaudio installed to run Papagayo.

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  2. Morevna Project » Blog Archive » Synfig Studio packages update Says:

    […] Synfig Studio packages have been updated. Please grab them from the packages page. […]

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    […] It’s been a long time since Synfig Studio 0.62.00 came out. But because of our absence this significant event didn’t get mentioned here. It’s time to “redress an injustice”. We’re on 0.62.00 now. The packages page is updated. […]

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    […] and maintains a blog for the main news of the Morevna Project.  Even more, he has created his own universal packaging for the main production tools (pencil, synfig, blender) to be sure that all contributors have the […]

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    […] We have updated Pencil packages. Please grab them from the packages page. […]

  8. Morevna Project » Blog Archive » Pencil packages update Says:

    […] have updated Pencil packages. Please grab them from the packages page. This version is different from the official one and includes all our previous modifications, as […]

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    […] time was consumed by preparing the new Synfig release. So, we have 0.63.04 version out. And we have our packages updated too, but those packages are a little different from original ones. Carlos López González is very […]

  10. malcolm Says:

    Hi. Very interesting and nice project. Keep the good work :)
    Can You tell, what You using for lip sync ?
    Remake is very useful tool, amazing work.

    Good Luck guys.

  11. Konstantin Says:

    Thank you, Malcolm!
    To be honest, we haven’t played with lipsync much yet, but there is nice tool, jplipsync –

  12. Malcolm Says:

    The rpm for Pencil does not work on Fedora 17. Could you please make another one that will work. Thank you so much!

  13. Konstantin Says:

    Hi, Malcolm!
    Thank you for report – I will check this out! (Right now I’m still on Fedora 16 ^__^ )

  14. Malcolm Says:

    Hey Konstantin, I was just wondering if you have figured anything out about Pencil on Fedora 17 yet. My friends and I are really missing it. By the way I love your Synfig plugins feature. Really cool idea! Thanks for all the work you’re doing, man!

  15. Konstantin Says:

    Hi, Malcolm! Sorry, we haven’t time to look at it yet. Will try to fix it next week. Thank you!

  16. Konstantin Says:

    Hi, Malcolm! I’ve just upgraded to Fedora 17 and Pencil works fine here. Can you describe what problem you have with pencil rpm?

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    […] are happy to announce that the new Freestyle-enabled packages of Blender are available for download now. Please note, that those packages are not exactly Blender 2.63, but much more like 2.64 RC1 […]

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    […] что новая сборка Blender с «Freestyle» готова, и вы можете её скачать с нашего сайта. Обратите внимание, сборка – не совсем Blender 2.63, а […]

  19. Morevna Project » Blog Archive » Weekly progress Says:

    […] I have worked here and there on 3D backgrounds again and compositing. In addition to that I have finished coloring the 3D models of Ivan and Morevna. Also we have updated the blender build again – you can get it from our software page. […]

  20. Konstantin's Lair » Blog Archive » Результаты недели Says:

    […] А я снова делал разную работу по 3D и композитингу. Плюс, раскрасил 3D-модели Ивана и Морвны. Да, и мы снова обновили сборку Blender’а. Скачать её можно как всегда отсюда. […]

  21. Morevna Project » Blog Archive » No more white gaps Says:

    […] of different versions of OpenEXR library. So, our blender builds are fixed now, you can get them from software page, as […]

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    […] версий библиотеки OpenEXR. Сейчас сборки мы исправили, качнуть вы их можете со страницы софта, всё как […]

  23. David Says:

    Now that Morevna demo is out will you work in adding Morevna branch features to Synfig trunk?
    My main interest is the plugin feature which seems to be awesome!

  24. Konstantin Dmitriev Says:

    Hi, David! Yes, that’s our plan to put our modifications into official branch and release a new version. I’m writing a blog post about that right now. ^__^

  25. Morevna Project » Blog Archive » Plugins feature in Synfig Studio Says:

    […] Studio builds with plugins support can be found our software page. For more information and source code please refer to this pull request page. Share this:Google […]

  26. David Says:

    Cool! Thanks.

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    […] While the Papagayo patches are waiting to be accepted upstream, you can find source code of our changes at the github repository here. And yes, we are providing a Papagayo packages now! […]

  28. Morevna Project » Blog Archive » Character template released! Says:

    […] To use the template you will need the latest versions of Synfig Studio and Papagayo, which we have updated as well. Please get them at the software page. […]

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  32. Eddie Williams Says:

    I really like what you guys are doing, also if you need funds you should use

  33. Dexter Worrens Says:

    I need to learn more about blender. I was just browsing internet to find the best 3D “creator” and seems like blender is the one. Thanx for all info and link.

  34. Morevna Project » Blog Archive » Papagayo update Says:

    […] Download updated packages […]

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