OpenToonz is based on  software "Toonz" which was developed by Digital Video S.p.A. in Italy, customized by Studio Ghibli, and has been used for creating its works for many years.

In March 2016 its source code was published under the terms of Modified BSD License. The open-source version is called OpenToonz and developed by international community.


Powerful Digital Drawing Tools

Vector and bitmap drawing tools with full support for graphic tablets allow you to create artwork of any complexity.

Indexed Colour Palettes

Sequence of drawings can be painted quickly with automatic tools, and palette colors can be edited at any time, updating automatically all the level drawings.

Effects and Compositing

Add animated special effects and composite scenes seamlessly. Blurs, lighting, keys, masks, warps and more than 100 other effects available.


Automate routine tasks by using ECMA-compatible scripting engine.

Motion Tracking

Syncronize your animation with video footage automatically.

Scan and Cleanup

Automatically scan and vectorize paper drawings created by animation artists. Clean and paint them in a completely color-consistent digital environment.

Frame-by-frame Animation

A complete toolset for traditional frame-by-frame animation with configurable onionskin. Automatic creation of inbetween frames for vector shapes,

Motion Tweening

Complex movements can be defined by linking objects or using motion paths, and everything can be also animated in a 3D environment, with an automatic multiplane effect.


Animate your characters using bones, with IK support and mesh deformations.

Particle Systems

Create particles effect supporting multiple layers as particles or as control images for particles animation.

Morevna Edition

This  edition of OpenToonz includes a special features developed by Morevna Project.

MyPaint brushes

Integration with MyPaint brush engine. 45 parameters to configure bitmap brush + many brush templates.

Horizontal timeline

Improved UI with comfortable horizontal timeline to control your animation.

Advanced color selector

The new color selector panel helps you choose better colors thanks to Color Schemes, Color Harmonies and more!

Windows 64bit and 32bit

We provide both 32bit and 64bit versions of OpenToonz for Windows.

Linux version

We provide and maintain binary builds of OpenToonz, which runs on any Linux distro. No need to compile.

Assistant guides (coming soon)

Create a drawing assistants for perfect drawing of parallel lines, perspective lines and more!

Free and open-source

OpenToonz Morevna Edition is a free and open-source software. The source code is available on GitHub under the terms of Modified BSD license.

Latest News and Updates

OpenToonz (Morevna Edition) version

We’ve just released a small but important update for OpenToonz Morevna Edition. This version delivers fixes for two critical issues: Fix incorrect behavior of graphic tablets. The incorrect behavior was reported by many Windows an Linux users and this turned to be related with latest changes to the tablet code. Since this part of code 

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Automatic tweening in OpenToonz (guided drawing)

This tutorial shows a technique of creating automatic tweening in OpenToonz. To successfully use the auto-tweening of vector drawings, the strokes have to be in the same order and direction. The guided drawing feature is here to help you. When this option is enabled the onion skin highlights what stroke is next in order and

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Automatic tweening in OpenToonz (stroke-by-stroke)

This quick tutorial shows how to create automatic animation in OpenToonz using stroke-by-stroke method. In short: make sure that you have a sequence of vector frames (or, create an empty one). Then switch to Brush Tool. On Tool Options Panel you will see a “Range” dropdown – change it to anything other than “Off” (obvious

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OpenToonz (Morevna Edition) version

I am happy to announce that the new version of OpenToonz (Morevna Edition) is available for download now! This version is based on official OpenToonz 1.2.0, which was released a one week earlier. The official version now includes our MyPaint brushes feature, so this time (in addition to full set of features of official version)

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How to create a sequence of empty frames in OpenToonz

New users of OpenToonz often ask – how to add a sequence of empty frames? This is a sort of operation that is tricky to figure out, so here is  a step-by-step recipe: Create a new level (if you haven’t yet) Make sure you have Level Strip panel visible. If not – choose “Windows” ->

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Krita Assistants in OpenToonz – Funded!

I am happy to announce that bounty for implementing Krita Assistant Tool in OpenToonz is 100% funded now! And that means our hired developer Ivan Mahonin is starting to work on this feature. Much thanks to everyone who contributed  to this bounty and thus helped to make a better free software to everyone! The bounty

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Development of OpenToonz is made possible thanks to donations of many people from all around the world. Here you can see a list of our top contirbutors.

Agnyy Ignatyev ★  Skyler Madison (aka OrphanLast)   ★  Amotarzi ★ OpenAnim
Pavel Kotelevec ★ Raúl Ciudad C.
Loris Solic ★ Nikola Radovanović ★ Nathan Stefan ★ Vladimir Kiselev
Yury V. Zaytsev  ★  Zachary Brown

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