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Morevna Project is an independent initiative aimed at testing and improving open-source tools by adopting them in the real animation production. As part of those activities we documenting the developed workflows and approaches to help others learn from our practices and publishing results of production as free content.

Open-source anime made with free software

How to create animation with free software

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Our production is based exclusively on free (open-source) software.




Papagayo NG



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We believe that the process of creating animation is no less interesting than the result itself. This is why we put a lot of efforts into documenting our production process. Check out the latest news below!

Demo snapshot: August 2008

Another (slightly delayed) monthly snapshot. We finally managed to get rid of terrible color distortions, produced by some video encoders. That was achieved by directly encoding from blender built with ffmpeg support. Footage we render as png image sequence. Summer is over. Project is going on. Enjoy!

Reusing models

NOTE: This tutorial is outdated and is not relevant anymore. It’s time to tell about the way we organizing usage of the same models in various scenes with blender. Imagine we have a model of… mmm… bike! And as you could see from storyboard bike is appearing on many scenes of Morevna Project demo. We […]

Just MAKE it!

Well, I’m glad to introduce a new website design… Huh?! Someone already noticed? So I’m late. ^_^” This task was a really challenge for me because… I don’t know, but for some reason it was hard for me. And, yeah, we migrated to blender 2.46. I know, much time passed by since it come out […]

Demo Snapshot

Here’s another monthly snapshot. There isn’t much progress, cause traveling took much time this month.


Meet the core crew of Morevna Project: And remember? The end of month is coming…

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