Ivan 3D model

Great news – the work on a 3D model of Ivan is done and it is available for download! In the published blend-file you can find high-poly and low-poly meshes and all textures included. Please check the download link at the bottom of this post.

I have created this character as part of my work on 3D teaser for Morevna Project. The total work on this model took two months. I have used BlenRig 5 – the awesome Auto-Rigging and Skinning system for Blender by Juan Pablo Bouza. It is a great addon for creating bone systems of humanoids characters. For me it was a good chance to learn how it rig works.

The character’s jacket was an special challenge. For its rig I have used a brand-new “Bendy bones” feature. This feature is not available within the current stable versions of Blender (yet), so please make sure to install the latest development version.

Download Ivan model

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  1. Hey, the result is awesome!
    I envy your skill and experience on this type of rendering! Very good evolution. I’m very interested into this 3D trailer project 🙂

  2. I can’t stop watching this. this is some AMAZING, AWESOME WORK!
    I just love it.

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