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The Synfig Training Course is produced by Morevna Project for the people who would like to learn Synfig animation software in a short time. The course will guide you from the very basics of application interface to the techniques of creating character animation and some advanced features.

Here you can find all the sources of the course. Feel free to use them for creating localized versions of the course or do any other remixes/modifications.

The provided archive contains the plain sources of the open animation project, without any rendering data. To work with the project you need to rebuild the rendering by following the simple instructions below. Read more about our build system (RenderChan).

How to build

  1. Make sure to install RenderChan, Synfig and Blender. Also, you will need “flac” package (available for installation in the software manager of your Linux distributive).
  2. Open terminal and run the script in the project folder. You can also specify language code as a parameter. For example:
    ./ fr
  3. All files will be rendered and result is placed in the “release” subdirectory of the project folder.

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What is Synfig?

Synfig is a free and opensource animation software. Visit official website for more information and download.


Script translations

The script of the Training Course is translated by community of volunteurs at Transifex platform. Check out the project page to get translations or add your own.


Getting started with RenderChan

The sources of the Training Course are managed by RenderChan utility. Learn the basics of its usage here.

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