Simple Synfig puppets for Creative Society promo

Anastasia Mayzhegisheva started experimenting with reusable puppets in Synfig and created this animation video for the Creative Society project.

The goal of Anastasia’s experiments is to make character templates with a set of prepared animations, that can be used to quickly create various animation videos. 

For the video above it took only 2 workdays to create it (including time for creating puppets themselves). 

In some aspects this is a continuation of my previous work on character templates, which was done many years ago. Back then Synfig had no support for bones at all and it was quite a painful process. Many things have been improved since then.

We plan to continue this work and create more complicated character templates with a library of predefined animations.

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2 Responses

  1. Exactly what I need for my visualization of calculating fractions for my grandchildren !
    As I am developing a program suite in LOGO (Seymour Papert’s legendary & nearly forgotten LISP-like language for children which uses a turtle as a mascot)
    I needed some incentive which spices up the rather dry math involved.
    Anybody interested in using my programs is welcome to contact me (NO commercial intentions – these are FREE open source helpers !).
    Just signal if anybody in the community is interested ;-P.

    Мир мирy !

    Wolfram Schwenzer

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