Synfig Studio packages update

Synfig Studio packages have been updated. Please grab them from the packages page. Major reasons to upgrade: Reverse manipulation for scale convert type Improved UI Keyframes are now displayed in Curves panel Keyfames are now draggable Tablet settings are remembered CPH monitor to collect statistics about crashes More info: A long time the only way […]

Pencil packages

Pencil is a open-source software for making traditional (frame-by-frame) animation. Now we packaging Pencil too, because we using it intensively for producing animation sketches (animatics). for RPM-based distributions (Fedora, Red Hat, Mandriva, etc.): 32bit: pencil-0.4.4b-54.morevna.1.i386.rpm 64bit: pencil-0.4.4b-54.morevna.1.x86_64.rpm for Debian-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.): 32bit: pencil_0.4.4b-54.morevna.1_i386.deb 64bit: pencil_0.4.4b-54.morevna.1_amd64.deb NOTE: You need Qt >= 4.3.4 installed to […]

What’s up?

You may notice decreasing of post count here lately. No, we’re not dead – just busy working on the project! Lots of news and unfortunately completely no time to write about.