The sources of Morevna Project animation are available in following GIT repositories:


The content of this repositories is provided under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

with the following exceptions:

How to build

Download and install required software – Synfig Studio, Blender, Pencil, Remake. See software page for binary packages and details. Make sure you have git installed too.

Open terminal and type:

  • git clone git://
  • git clone git://
  • remake demo/demo.blend

Wait for sources to be rendered (this may take some time). After the process will be finished watch the rendered file in ‘demo/render/demo.blend.mpg’.

For detailed instructions see Contributor’s Guide.

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  6. Aldo Says:

    please try full free licence project (like blender foundation), for all content use Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (music and video), please no exception.

    new economic model will works:

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  8. Alexander .S.T. Ross Says:

    You can get FLACs and maybe Oggs from jamendo. Try some searches or email me.
    Improved Jamendo Flac Downloader Script:

  9. Alexander .S.T. Ross Says:

    Opps bad URL.
    Correct URL:

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